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Intentional home Designs

Every home is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

Receive the level of care, dedication, and attention to detail your space deserves, so you can enjoy elevated living in a place you’ll be proud to call home. You will be able to make the most of your entire space with a renewed sense of function and flow, sealed with warm, inviting interiors.

From complete home transformations to simple yet impactful room refreshes, let’s carve out what luxury means to you.

Full-service luxury interior design

on function and aesthetics.  We take the time to identify what makes you unique, how you use your space, and how you want your environment to make you feel.

We take care of every aspect of the project from start to finish  – from seamless and professional project management to selecting finishes and furnishings. You can look forward to living in pure luxury when your home is completed to perfection.

To achieve the truly impeccable results we’re known for, we take a hands-on approach to your project, prioritizing communication and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

We work closely with our trusted contractors and vendors to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Or, if you’ve already got contractors on board, we’re happy to collaborate with them in creating something truly special for you.

In a deeply personal design experience, we'll analyze your home from an experienced, professional point of view to create custom design solutions that maximize the functionality and impact of your space.

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your current home or design a new build from scratch, ensure your home functions flawlessly and exudes the kind of luxury you’ve always dreamed of.

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Single room refresh

Looking for assistance in transforming a specific room in your home or completing your DIY design project? 

Our single-room refresh service not only provides professional guidance, but we also offer sourcing options for furniture, materials, accessories, and more. 

During our visit to your home, we will provide expert advice to help you make cohesive interior design choices that truly reflect your personal style.

Whether you need help with optimizing the layout, furnishing a room, or adding those finishing touches, we will empower you to confidently make the right decisions for your home.

With our support, creating a refreshed, luxurious, and uniquely tailored space has never been easier.

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Color consultation

Color is personal to everyone, and it has a significant impact on your mood and how you interact with your space.

Find the perfect palette for your home with the help of a seasoned professional. We understand how to use color to create certain feelings in different environments.

Sometimes, you don’t need to overhaul your entire home to make it feel fresh and indulgent. Create the kind of experience you want in your home through simple, considered color changes.

From finding the perfect paints to creating entire color schemes for a room – discover what color means to you, how to use it, and what works well in your home, from the highest ceiling to the softest furnishings.

You’ll receive a personalized paint schedule that’s yours to keep as inspiration for any future changes or touch-ups.

Color Consultation

Simple steps towards your

interior design dreams

At Design Remix Interiors, we are experienced in curating luxury homes and keeping projects on track, you can trust us to put your needs first, providing a truly seamless and enjoyable interior design experience.

Discovery call

Getting started is simple. Schedule a discovery call today so we can get to know each other. We’ll talk about your goals, expectations, and parameters for your project to ensure we’re all on the same page.


We will arrange an in-home consultation to gain a deeper understanding of your vision. During this meeting, we'll touch upon the project timeline and budget, ensuring everything aligns with your expectations. We'll then start outlining the concept and scope of your project, keeping your vision at the forefront of our planning.


Now that we’ve gained clarity on your vision, we get to work bringing it to life. You’ll receive a visual presentation and custom mood board to give you a feel for the direction your project is headed and to further personalize and refine your choices.


We take care of sourcing products and materials in a way that suits you. We can source and present all options to choose from at once, or make selections piece by piece, building on your concept as you decide.


Once you’ve made your selections, we’ll look after the logistics of ordering and receiving your products and materials for you. We’ll ensure everything is correct and ready to be installed in your home when the time comes.


Our smooth and efficient installation process handles everything from arranging furniture to hanging artwork. Our goal is to create a living space that not only looks amazing but also feels welcoming and comfortable.

When the transformation is complete, you'll step into a home that's been finished and styled to perfection, tailored just for you. The result is more than just a new look—it's a new feeling!

Curating a home that resonates with you

creating what home means to you

Two rooms in my home sustained serious damaged from Super Storm Sandy and with their expertise the rooms were gorgeously transformed.

It was evident to me that Design Remix had our family and what we had gone through in mind when choosing the colors, patterns and textures. The rooms were not only stunning, they were light and exciting yet eluded warmth and radiance a person can feel. I was truly impressed with the dramatic transformation. The combined creative enthusiasm and passion provided the extra “welcome” in welcome home we needed after going through such an awful experience.

You have made an everlasting impression and for that we thank you. We are forever grateful.

Michele H.
Babylon, NY

Luisa has excellent design skills and a great eye for both color and spacing. I would recommend Design Remix to anyone.

M P.

My husband and I had a plan..."as soon as we are both retired, we will get rid of our 1980's pink and green decor." Daunting to say the least considering how much time has passed and how much the design industry has changed. Luckily I met Luisa Rizzo from Design Remix in a store...loved everything she was purchasing and started a conversation with her. Best thing I ever did. Luisa has extensive experience and her attitude of having as her priority, the goal of making sure the homeowner literally loves every piece of furniture/decor. We are still into the mid century modern teak design but very much wanted to expand that to incorporate some of the current modern home decor we are seeing in the market place now. It was a breeze with Luisa's guidance and tutorials regarding color, spacing and proportion. Luisa has helped us expand our horizons on design and we have selected items we never would have considered in the past. It has been a wonderful experience to work with her. She is a professional who possesses a very positive outlook, seriously considers budget and deadlines and interacts amazingly well with retail sales personnel. This has been a wonderful experience and we are very happy with how our home has transformed into something current, welcoming and beautiful.


Luisa is just amazing. She is excellent at what she does.  We were remodeling our attic and she was able to give us suggestions on the layout, storage and wall color. She has an amazing eye for color and décor. You can tell that she loves her job and is a true professional. She has many years of experience under her belt. She knows all about the newest trends and looks. This is my second time working with Luisa and I will definitely will be working with her again.

R D.

Luisa is great to work with. On our first meeting she spent a lot of time learning about me and what I liked and the vision I had for our new home.  She helped me figure out my style and then  came up with an itemized list of expenses according to our budget.

She is very responsive to calls, texts and e-mails. We work together by personally shopping together in stores, on line and she even set up a Pinterest account for me and is always looking and pinning things she thinks we would like. Last but not least is her great style and insights into interior design.

Nancy M.

Luisa Rizzo, Design Remix Inc. is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her extensive product knowledge and professional demeanor compliments her efficient work effort. Luisa can take a dull home and transition it into a beautiful space. I recommend Luisa Rizzo, Design Remix Inc., wholeheartedly.

Diane L.

Luisa is an outstanding interior designer! She was so patient, really listened and understood my budget and what colors, fabrics and styles I liked. She gave me great feedback and ideas. She picked out great artwork that I really liked and even put them up for me! She was so professional, thorough and followed through until the job was complete. I am very happy with her and would recommend her highly!


We have worked with Luisa for several projects and have loved every moment.  Luisa understood our style and presented great ideas for each project, gently taking us out of our comfort zones and could not be happier.  She is responsible and dependable and we completely trust her judgement. Our spaces look amazing. I highly recommend Design Remix and cannot wait to work on our next project.

Nadina M.

Luisa is very talented and I loved working with her. I hired Luisa to design 3 rooms and all came out amazing beyond expectations. I like how Luisa was patient with me when I could not make a decision. I highly recommend Design Remix!

Liz L.

Luisa has transformed my home and it looks beautiful beyond my expectations.She is creative, organized and truly listened to me and understood my style and did an incredible job executing it. The sources she uses have all have been wonderful to work with. Luisa is always focused on getting the job done, she is a true professional. I highly recommend Design Remix for your home design!!

Robyn M.

I had the privilege of working with Luisa Rizzo on a recent interior design project for our assisted living facility, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. From our initial consultation to the final reveal, Luisa displayed a level of professionalism, creativity, and dedication that truly exceeded our expectations.

Luisa took the time to understand our unique vision and requirements, and her ability to blend functionality with aesthetics was remarkable. She transformed our space into a warm and inviting environment that perfectly caters to the needs of our residents. Her attention to detail, from the choice of colors, textures, and furnishings to the placement of every element, demonstrated her commitment to creating a harmonious and comforting atmosphere.

Not only did Luisa's design expertise shine through, but her project management skills were also impeccable. She ensured the project stayed on schedule and within budget, which was crucial for our facility. The outcome was a well-planned, beautifully executed interior that has been warmly received by our residents, staff, and visitors alike.

Ateret A.

Luisa is amazing to work with and has helped my husband and I with multiple rooms in our home!  From paint colors to furniture and artwork, she has provided us so much guidance and support. Luisa is very knowledgeable and helped us make the best use of each space in our home. We are so happy with all the furniture selections and color choices. I would highly recommend Luisa and will continue to seek her expertise!

Design Remix Client

Luisa is the best without a doubt. I've hired her for many remodels, renovations, new construction, etc. Most recently, she even did an out of state apartment for me! Luisa makes designing and picking out materials a breeze. I could not be happier. Thank you, Luisa!

Mor S.
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